Farmville which was a relatively new game has removed their in-game currency called “Farmville Game Cards”. For many of you this is nothing new, as we were running contests with the newer Zynga game cards for more than half a year.

This came as a no surprise from Zynga, as they decided to unite all their names under one currency. This doesn’t mean that only Zynga gifiting cards will be available for purchasing. You will still be able to buy Farmville cash and Farmville coins with Facebook Credits.

This is just one of the steps that Zynga is doing to shake the world of gaming. Their main goal is to create their own gaming platform and thus breakaway from the hands of Facebook. Their most popular game Cityville has already escaped Facebook and officaly landed on Google Plus gaming network.

But here is some more good news on Farmville. You would think that this game is fading away. But the Zynga company actually stated that the biggest increase in revenue for the first six months of this year was Farmville.

So as excited as you are, we are even more excited to give you what you love. We’re delighted to present our newest section that is dedicated to Zynga game cards only!

Guess what else? Zynga game cards are not available only in US, They are now available in exactly 21 different countries. Do you want to know, where you can purchase them? See the link below:
Zynga gaming cards retailers

But that is not it. I am here to tell you that we still want to give away game cards to the most loyal members. So now we are officialy available at:
Zynga game cards section

Where we give away gaming cards!

And I keep my promise today. Grab the game card by visiting this link below:

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Farm Image Contest

Sep 11, 2011

Welcome to our second contest and our first upload farmville image contest. Here you can show your Farm by uploading your in-game image. Your farm will be shared to thousands of other members that will have a chance to rate your image. The best rated farm will be awarded with a $10 Zynga game card.

Vote For Your Favorite Farm!

Tell us, what is your favorite farm image that our participants have uploaded. Give them 5 stars for their effort. If you don’t like the Farm image at all, rate it with only 3 stars, or only 2. Don’t worry nobody will ever know how you voted. We keep our promises.
But don’t forget to ask your friends to vote for your Farmville image and earn Zynga gift card as well!

To view the larger image, simply click on the thumbnail image.

Read below to see how you can win a Zynga Game Card.

Who can participate in this contest?

Anyone that plays FarmVille and uploads their FamVille image. Before you can do that you will have to submit your Name and Email address below.

How can I upload my FarmVille image?

First you will have to enter your Name and Email address in the form below.
Then you will receive a confirmation mail that this is really you. After visiting a confirmation link you will receive an option to upload your farm.

How do we know we have been successfully entered to contest?

You will receive a confirmation email, that your FarmVille image has been loaded, reviewed and approved and that you are now successfully entered into “the drawing” for $10 Zynga game card.

How can I rate FarmVille images?

Anyone can view the contest farms images and vote for the best ones. You can only vote once for each image, but you can vote for as many images as you like.

How can I increase my chances of winning?

Simply follow our previous guide that we posted here

Enter to Win!
$10 Farmville Game Card

Welcome to our newest and updated FarmVille Contest, that we are about to launch tomorrow September 11th at 5:00pm EST.

Our previous contest for $10 FarmVille game card ended at the end of May and the winner was announced here.

I must say, the previous contest was exciting as we received more than 100 participants in very short period of time, so we had to close the contest very soon. But luckily we’ve created new a more entertaining contest.

So now we have another game card waiting for you and your FarmVille friends. But this time YOU will be rewarded for your effort. All the hours you’ve put into Farm building will finally payoff as you will receive prize. The farm that gets the best score will win the game card and will be featured on our premium Hall of Fame page, where we will make exclusive interview about his Farm.

This time you will have to upload your Farm image with your in-game screen name to prove that this is really your farm. Me, you and other FarmVille players will rate your image from 1 to 5. Your farm will be exposed to thousands of daily players that can’t wait to share their Farm with all of us.

We won’t choose lucky winners based on luck, but rather our community will decide which farm deserves to receive the prize. To get you ready we are showing you an image of how our contest will look like below.

As you can see we’ve made a great system for easy uploading and rating of your FarmVille images. The contest will run for 3 weeks and will officially end on October 1st 2011.

OK, I think I gave you enough reasons to join the contest.
While you are here, be sure to check our active Fanpage on Facebook here.
Free FarmVille Game Card on Facebook
Because we post updates there almost daily.
So why not share this contest with your FarmVille friends as they’ve been waiting long as well, to show off their virtual creations to other FarmVille lovers.

Contest will start in…

You still haven’t received a Zynga Game Card from us?

You may have missed this last opportunity? But that’s about to change for you now. I am giving you one more chance to expand your Farm to the maximum potential. This is your free ticket to get your hands on yet another Wish I could buy all of you a Game Card at once. So this time I am changing the rules. I don’t want to select a lucky guy or a gal to receive this next card. You are now responsible for your own luck.

Now listen-up carefully. How about submitting a picture of your FarmVille for all to see? Are you proud of your Farm layout? Submit it and we will ask our community to tell us how much they like it! After you’ve done that you have signed up to my contest. It’s that simple. This contest is nothing like you’ve seen before.

Why would I show you my Farm?

You’ll get a chance to expose yourself to our active community on Facebook via our fanpage. Click here to visit us:
But most importantly of course is to win a prize. There is more than one prize this time.

How can I increase my chances?

Glad you asked.

Below I will share a primer with you to get your farm up to par so you do get likes to it. Perhaps that you might think that your Farm is not good enough. When we are done you’ll think differently, for sure. You see I have some small tricks for you that can help you overcome these issues. Now imagine how you’ll feel when, to your surprise, the farm you felt could not win becomes the winner?

Ok here’s the primer below.

Simply get better score for your Farm image.

1. How to increase score to your FarmVille image?

One of the easiest ways is to share your Farm with FarmVille friends. Direct them to our page and they will see your image with your name. They will have only one chance to rate your image. So offer them a FarmVille gift, for their contribution.

2. Send this free report to them after they like your picture.

Gift will be ready soon and everyone that applies for this contest will have a free access to it.

Prizes will be announced soon. I am still asking our sponsors to increase their budget for our contest. I feel that you deserve more. So get your Farm ready as we’re about to launch another FarmVille contest for the months of September/October..

Do you have any other propositions for future contests? Write us your lovely message and maybe we will use your creative ideas. If so you’ll get credit and maybe we can get another bonus card from our sponsors for you too.

Stay tuned and grab a chance to become the most respected player in FarmVille community and win some FarmVille Game Cards too!

Zynga which is the leading social game developer has filled its proposition for its IPO to the US Securities And Exchange Commission. This means that the company plans to go public soon. We can thank Zynga for us (Farmville players) spamming our walls and our friend’s feeds with their in-game content. Lot’s have complained about this issue, but in the end it seems our disdain was silenced and the continued spamming positioned Zynga to increase their return on investment, easily.

You may wonder what exactly does the word IPO mean. IPO stands for Initial Public Offer and it means that the company will release its stocks for the first time, to the public, hence the phrase, “going public”. Zynga is taking a big risk as they are heavily relying on a social platform called Facebook.

One other interesting tidbit is that Zynga doesn’t like Facebook because they are limiting them with their rules. Facebook simply wants to earn some percentage off of Zynga’s games, but Zynga has to maintain a good relationship with Facebook to ensure that they won’t be kicked out of social platform. Another issue is, Facebook is trying hard to introduce their new payment unit called Facebook Credits inside Zynga games. As of July 1st, all Facebook applications and games will essentially be forced to take on the Facebook Credits payment model, from which Zynga will take only a 30 percent cut off the revenue they produce. Zynga game cards will still be there so we are glad that we will still be able to use this awesome website.

How much can Zynga earn in that initial offering?

Zynga is planning to raise as much as $1 billion dollars, which is a lot for a new company that started in year 2007. In its letter to potential shareholders, Zynga’s CEO Mark Pincus wrote that: “Games should be accessible to everyone, anywhere anytime … games should be social … games should be free … games should be data driven and games should do good.“. There are even some experts stating that the offering will be in the range of 15 to 20 billion dollars.

We anticipate the outcome to be good, but the reality is that it will either make or break the social gaming industry. Most of Zynga’s money is generated from a small number of players who pay with their real cash for virtual goods in these games. It is stated that social games are funneling about %1 to 5% from all of their players.

I am sure that social games will evolve and expand to other social platforms like Google Plus. I am also expecting Zynga to create their own social gaming platform and create new standards that will open gateways to stronger gaming companies. What are your thoughts? Will you invest?

First, contest is closed and we have a lucky winner that will receive a Zynga Gift Card with a value of $10. I have just bought it and took a picture of the game card. I haven’t even scratched the PIN code yet so you can see the contest prize, “ Zynga Game Card” image below:

New Zynga Game Card      
PIN code of Zynga Game Card

This lucky winner is Jemell Sanders who successfully answered all four questions for our Mystery Game survey. I have already contacted him and am waiting for his reply. If I don’t hear from this winner by Friday June 3rd, 2011, another winner will be randomly selected. Remember anyone can be a winner even you.

Stay tuned for the new contest that will be held exclusively on Facebook. You might want to “like” our Free FarmVille Game Card page to find more details, especially when this contest will start.

You can join our growing community on Facebook here:

Lastly, ask your friends if they’ve already tried our FarmVille Game Cards from our partners (many have).. You can direct them to this link to get them for free.

Please note that only citizens of United States are eligible to receive this partner game card.

Thank you for being part of our community.

Now that FarmVille is no longer number one in number of active players, I have decided to take a peek at a newly created Zynga game, CityVille. CityVille is a game that has a similar game-play to FarmVille. You can place crops, gain experience, earn money, buy items and other similar activities.

Of course Zynga has added many new features to CityVille that allows you to build magnificent skyscrappers, Wonders, businesses and lots of other buildings. It’s been more than 3 months since I started playing this game. Lately I’ve been working on a new product for CityVille.

It will feature many new unseen strategies and real examples from my beta testers. We wanted this product to last at least 2 years. So we decided to socialize it and give away free membership to all that buy CityVille Help Guide.

It will be released to the public soon and will feature new strategies for generating higher payouts from businesses, step by step tutorials, videos, comparison charts and much more. All the content and media will be available online, so you won’t need to download anything. But as my loyal subscriber you will receive a special discount and maybe get it free!
(look for my email – if not signed up do so now at: contest)

In case you are not my subscriber, you can easily apply for a new CityVille game card and I will send you a message, when the Guide is ready. Or you can get a FREE farmville game card, from my contest page and opt-in here. I am sure you’re gonna love the Guide!

News Flash: FREE FarmVille Game Card now with mystery dart!

Now you can gain any mystery prize from the past. In order to receive your prize you would have to purchase a dart. But here is some news for you. If you purchase a FarmVille Game Card you are going to receive a free dart, which gives you a chance to win one of six prizes in the game called Mystery Game.

This is a good deal for you as the cost for each dart is 16 Farm Cash (20 if the game contains all animals). Currently there is no expiration time listed, but usually it will expire in couple of weeks. So you better act soon.

FarmVille Game Cards can be purchased at retailers nationwide or online. If you are looking for FREE FarmVille Game Card, click here.

FarmVille Game Card

Nov 18, 2010

Why pay when you can Get a FarmVille game card for free?

FarmVille Game Card can be purchased through PayPal, credit cards, mobile phones and in stores. They are available in following locations in $10 or $25 prepaid game cards denominations:

Here are a few stores
– Target
– 7 Eleven
– Game Stop
– Best Buy

Look don’t be ashamed. Are you obsessed with playing FarmVille? Would you participate in offers that can bring you $100 FarmVille Game Card? Remember that I said you can only buy the $10 or $25, card? Well here is a working way to earn even more!

Do you like playing FarmVille on a daily basis, for multiple times a day? You like scheduling your day around your farm in FarmVille. Planning when and what are you going to plant, water and feed your corps… Guess what you are not alone. In fact there are millions of people doing the same thing as you are doing day after day.

If you’ve gotten preoccupied ( I know I have ) with this most popular online game on Facebook, then I’ve got a news for you. It’s no secret and it doesn’t require your credit card nor does getting extra cash when you need it. You don’t need to purchase anything or spend a penny on the game (real cash) or this offer. It’s a no-brainer.

Get your Game Card now!

Once you have a FarmVille Game Card you can redeem it by entering the PIN Code that you’ll receive for free.

Well sounds too good right? Yes, but if you hurry you can still snag a Prepaid Game Card on this website. Be sure to check our website for further information and reviews about Free FarmVille Game Card. See you on the farm.

In my first Post, I gave you an overview of this Phenomenal Game.  I also talked a little about the activites, especially currency. Here I want to go a little deeper and really help you get the on what some call FarmVille Cash or Coins. There are two currencies that are used inside the FarmVille game. Gaining FarmVille Coins is easy and everyone can do it as I’ve mentioned. You get them by collecting your corps, the fruits from the trees, the animal products you produce. You could exclusively play with your Coins, but you would miss the most beautiful part of the game. Also you could be spending lots of your time, that you simply don’t have.

Allow me to show you some simple ways ways to get your FarmVille Cash and most importantly, for free. Ok… Here we go!

Leveling – For each level you reach you get one FarmVille Dollar. So you need to level fast to go to highest level and earn more Cash. You need XP to advance and level up in the game. The fastest way to level is by planting raspberries as you can harvest them every 2 hours, allowing you to plow and harvest several times in one day. You want to add neighbours.  In fact working on their farms will bring you 5 XPs and 20 Coins. Expanding your farm is another way to level up faster.

Ribbons – Ribbons are earned everytime you achieve certain goals during your game. Some of these goals are awarded by ribbons which comes with a prize of some FarmVille Dollars. There are all sorts of ribbons and each category has four levels. But you want to check which ribbon would be the easiest for you to gain – I like easy as you may have guessed.

Selling – Everything that you grow inside the game can be sold to other players in exchange for FarmVille Farm Dollars. What you can sell is crops, milk and eggs from your animals, items that you earned or bought.

Completing Offers and Surveys – There is a section, where you can look for active surveys, trial offers and other things. When you complete those offers or surveys you will be awarded with Cash. Make sure that you don’t take surveys that require the use of a credit card or even making a purchase, but you can find free surveys as well. You may even want to opt-in for email newsletters from particular companies for your in game Cash.

Now that you know how you can gain free FarmVille Farm Cash you can invest it to earn even more Cash. For example you can let others plow your field and after that you pay them. After that you can sell crops from that field and earn money. You can buy new items that you like or even buy a building.

There you have it some very simple ways.  But here’s one way you can do it outside the game and get an instant $100 FarmVille Game Card. Talking ’bout moving up the later fast!

Here’s your Free FarmVille Cash.

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